Confidence, a student of the game dating back to the 90’s, first got a taste of music production in the mid 90’s while learning to DJ with his brother Technic. From there Confidence got involved with sampling but his break didn’t come until 2001 when he copped an MPC 2000xl which he still uses to this day to compose masterpieces. He put in hours of work and dedication over the years, landing him placements from time to time but his ultimate break came in 2010 when he linked up with a relatively unknown artist by the name of Rashad. Thanks to Confidence’s 2010 mix tape “Recon”, where he remixed sixteen 90’s classics over his production, the two became acquainted.

From their initial meeting, Confidence and Rashad discussed doing more than just recording one track. A classic was in the works, and after numerous months of countless hours to craft masterpieces, “The Element of Surprise” was born. This epic record hit worldwide November 29, 2011. It was distributed through Fatbeats and put out by Ill Adrenaline Records. One month after release it shot to #1 on Ughh.com where it stayed in the top 3 for three months and garnered a near 5 star rating with over 100 comments.

In 2012, Confidence teamed up with Purpose of Tragic Allies and released another album on Ill Adrenaline Records entitled, “The Purpose of Confidence.” This album also went to #1 on Ughh.com . Next up was Beneficence’s LP, “Concrete Soul” where he produced five stand out tracks. This album also found its home at #1 on Ughh.com . It’s safe to say whatever Confidence touches turns to gold. Confidence lent a hand on Neek The Exotic’s EP with the title track, “Comin in Piles.” Neek dropped his album “Hustle Don’t Stop in September 2013 which Confidence produced seven joints for. In March of 2013, Confidence released two singles with The Regiment out of Detroit. Together they teamed up with Ill Adrenaline and Soul Tools to release a 7″ which became available in May 2013.

On January 28th, 2014, Confidence drops the long-awaited projected entitled, “Confidence Presents Gdot & Born Featuring Edo. G. The album is available worldwide featuring the undeniable track “Living Legnd” featuring Grap Luva and Rob-O. After one month of being released, it stayed at the #1 spot on Ughh.com for the month of February.

Since 2014, Confidence has been busy putting out singles, working on his online beat making school and gearing up for the follow up to Rashad and Confidence.